The HEPA – Rx filter we are using removes 99.998% of microscopic particles in the air of 0.1 micron in size, which is the size of a virus. The UV- C & titanium dioxide chamber destroys what’s left.

The air is filtered every 4 minutes and is charged with negative ions that freshens the air, ensuring you and our team is breathing air free of bacteria, viruses and chemicals. There are even sensors that let you know when a filtration cycle has completed.

You can now book your dental visit with more peace of mind, know- ing that your safety is a top priority at Ambiance Dental

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Ambiance Dental has always been proud to have the highest sterilization and infection control policies. We have instituted additional protocols to ensure your safety.

We know that adjusting to the new normal can be difficult. We take this responsibility with the highest regard. Our responsibility is personal, all of our staff members have immunocompromised or young family members who live with them. You can rest assured you are in good hands.

Find our what you can expect from your visit with us below!