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We are fully compliant with the highest standards of sterilization as legislated by the Alberta Dental Association and the Government of Alberta.

We ensure cleanliness in our clinic:

  • Protective overshoes are worn in the clinical area, to prevent outside contamination
  • We wash our uniforms daily on site and they never leave the clinic
  • All water taps are hands-free
  • Water lines are treated daily for biofilm prevention
  • We chose specific flooring that disinfects easily
  • Hand sanitizer is put out on the front counter, for everyone’s use
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Beyond Simple Cleanliness

Sterilization goes beyond basic cleanliness, and is something we take seriously. All of the instruments we use in your mouth are either disposable or go through our rigorous two-pass sterilization process. We would be glad to provide more information upon request.

Breath of Fresh Air

In an effort to offer the safest environment possible, we have recently added the JADE Surgical Clean Air Filtration System to each of our treatment rooms.
The HEPA - Rx filter removes 99.998% of microscopic particles in the air ensuring you and our team are breathing air free of bacteria, viruses and chemicals.

With filtration cycles every 4 minutes, you can now visit our clinic with additional peace of mind!



48 to 72 Hours Prior to Appointment: 

  • We will pre screen all patients 48 – 72 hours prior to your appointment via phone, text or email and ask a set of health related questions.


Arrival At Clinic

  • Patients will take a seat on chairs in the hallway to allow for social distancing 
  • A team member will ask COVID risk questions prior to you entering the clinic
  • Record temperature of each patient
  • Require hand sanitizing by all patients entering clinic
  • Introduce an oral pre rinse by all patients to reduce exposure to germs 

Here is what our Team will be doing: 

  • Pre screen each team member and daily temperature & lung efficiency checks
  • Continued Medical Grade Disinfection of all operatory surfaces 
  • Medical Grade Disinfection of all Frequently touched Areas 
  • Air management with the Surgically Clean Air Jade System. The HEPA – Rx filter we are using removes 99.998% of microscopic particles in the air
  • Hospital Standard Personal protection equipment (PPE) including visors, gowns, hair covers and KN95 masks
  • Use of High Volume Excavators in Dental appointments to reduce 95% of aerosols
  • Plexiglass barriers at Reception
  • Limiting the number of patients in the clinic; scheduling immunocompromised patients on early morning or separate days

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