Before & After Photos

These photos show actual patients of Ambiance Dental, and work completed by our team.

Dental bonding

This patient was referred to us by his orthodontist. He was already in active ortho and thinking ahead as to how he can go about creating symmetry in his smile. Once ortho was almost completed we did a smile design for him which he was really happy with. From there we brought him back for his next appt which was bonding. The patient was very happy with the outcome.


Dental bonding

This patient came to us with bonding on her two front teeth that was breaking down and needed to be replaced.
She decided on a longer term option (porcelain crowns) to replace them.

As you can see in the after photo our lab technician was able to straighten the appearance of the front teeth with the porcelain crowns.


Dental bonding

This handsome patient is the husband of our Treatment Coordinator Michelle.

The before and after speaks volumes! Misaligned and chipped teeth were treated with orthodontics and dental bonding to perfect his smile.


Dental bonding

Pre Ortho: Our client came to us with concerns about chipped and worn front teeth. Her bite had shifted and was unbalanced due to lack of wearing her retainers as a teen. Dr. Nagra recommended Invisalign orthodontic treatment to place her teeth in proper alignment and avoid further damage.

Post ortho: Upon completion of her orthodontic treatment, a decision was made to repair the damaged and worn teeth with dental bonding (hand crafted composite veneers).

Final results: Dental bonding was hand sculpted to fill in the chips and created a beautiful smile our client loves.


Dental veneers

After a lengthy hockey career, our client is entering the corporate world and came to us to help improve his smile.

He was interested in options to restore some chipped and broken teeth. He was also aware of a root canal tooth that had become dark.

Digital Smile Design, dental bonding and porcelain veneers were used to give this patient a smile that is now in harmony with his facial features and compliments the confident, professional persona of his corporate career.


Dental bonding

Do you find you avoid smiling in pictures? Cover your teeth with your hands when laughing.

Our beautiful patient was hiding her true joy by trying to avoid smiling. She was unhappy with her chipped and uneven smile.

We started with a thorough conversation where we listened to her concerns. We were able to achieve her esthetic goals in stages so she could be in control of the outcome. Dental bonding or composite veneers were placed on her front six teeth. The beauty of this transition is all the compliments she receives on how beautiful her smile is.


Dental Veneers

Dreaming of having an Instagram- worthy smile? Our patient was frustrated with how small his teeth looked in pictures. Dental veneers are a conservative option to add length and allowed our patient to help design his perfect smile to complement his winning personality.


Dental Bonding

The beauty of this patient's smile was enhanced with dental bonding to create harmony between her smile and face.

"Now when I look in the mirror I see a smile that matches how I feel inside!"


Dental Bonding

A hockey accident to our beautiful college student damaged her anterior teeth. A conservative option of dental bonding was presented. We hand sculpted and painted dental bonding which was contoured to replicate her natural smile.



Discolored and chipped teeth can be restored to their original beauty with porcelain veneers. Dental whitening helps to ensure the natural teeth blend in with the new veneers.


Dental Bonding

Composite bonding was used to replace worn and chipped tooth structure. We were able to avoid crowns for this patient as his goals were to do minimal dental treatment. Tooth whitening was also performed while patient completed his invisalign treatment.


Dental Implants

An anterior implant was placed to replace a missing tooth. The crown blends in naturally with his own teeth.


Crowns and Fillings

Teeth with large cavities and failing fillings are restored to their natural beauty and strength with a porcelain crown (left tooth) and a white composite filling (right tooth).



To address the spacing and small teeth size, veneers were placed on our patients teeth to create harmony with the size and shape of his face.



Discolored & crooked teeth were corrected with Invisalign treatment followed by anterior porcelain veneers.



Worn and discolored teeth are improved by natural looking porcelain crowns. The teeth are more harmonious in length to the back teeth.


Dental Bonding

Dental bonding restored this patient’s teeth with no further tooth structure loss after a bicycle accident. The composite artistry blends seamlessly with his natural teeth. Porcelain and gold crowns were selected to strengthen posterior teeth weakened by large dental fillings.


Crowns and Veneers

A discolored crown was replaced with a porcelain crown and veneers were placed on adjacent teeth to restore symmetry and harmony to this smile.



Veneers can restore chipped and broken front teeth with minimal tooth structure removal. The results restore his youthful and vibrant smile.


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