Preventive Hygiene

You can keep your teeth and gums healthy by brushing regularly, flossing, and visiting the dentist in our Calgary clinic for regular hygiene appointments. We recommend hygiene appointments every 6 months for most clients, but more frequently for those with unhealthy gums (gum disease).

In addition to proper brushing and flossing, effective preventative hygiene also includes avoiding abrasion and using a mouth rinse to ensure your risk of periodontitis and gingivitis is minimized. Visit your downtown Calgary dentist regularly to monitor the health of your mouth and remove harmful plaque and tartar build up as well.

Read more about plaque and why it’s harmful. You can also check out our CTX 4 mouthrinse and various other products here.

Our Dental Hygienists Will...

  • Offer a comprehensive prevention program for people with higher risk of tooth decay

  • Communicate closely between hygienists and dentist, for the most comprehensive understanding of our patients

  • Explain all treatment plans carefully, and the impact of your dental health on your general health

  • Offer dietary advice that can benefit your dental health

  • Offer topical anesthetic for patients with sensitive gums and teeth

  • Perform an oral cancer screening

  • Address any aesthetic concerns you may have

  • Understand if you have anxiety about visiting the dentist

  • Review your complete medical history

  • Discuss how your general health may impact your dental health, and vice versa

Our hygienists want to ensure that your teeth remain free of any build-up, and look healthy and beautiful always!

dentist scaling patient’s teeth


Scaling is a major part of every hygiene appointment and allows us to reduce plaque, tartar and bacteria that may reside on your teeth. We employ two methods of scaling on your teeth, one of which is a traditional hand scaling tool. The method used depends on your unique hygiene circumstances.

Oral Cancer Detection

Family doctors don't regularly provide oral cancer exams, but early detection is vitally important in combating the disease. Citations of dental research sources are available upon request, or you may do further research online.

We complete oral cancer screening during your New Patient Comprehensive Evaluation, and additional screening may be pursued as part of your annual hygiene schedule.

Calgary woman brushing teeth
preventing cavities with flossing

Cavity Protection

We are capable of detecting cavities at the very early stages of development, and can help your teeth heal these cavities if they are discovered early enough. Read more about our minimally invasive options for early cavity detection.

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