Before & After Photos

These photos show actual patients of Ambiance Dental, and work completed by Dr. Rose Nagra or Dr. Andrew Wasik.

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays

Replacement of a failing dental filling can be replaced by either porcelain or white bonding filling material. Our dental team will assess each individual tooth and decide the best long term option for each tooth in terms of strength and function.



After a childhood accident damaged the anterior front two teeth and left them discoloured and chipped, two porcelain crowns were custom made to improve the shape and colour while restoring the strength to her damaged teeth.


Implant Crowns

An implant porcelain crown was placed to replace a missing tooth. Discoloured, failing silver fillings were replaced with porcelain to restore the strength and beauty of adjacent teeth.



Misaligned and missing teeth were aligned to an ideal bite with braces. Teeth were restored with porcelain crowns and an implant crown was placed to replace a missing tooth. The beauty of the smile is achieved by excellent design and planning.



Straight, white natural teeth is what every patient desires. For our patient alignment with orthodontics such as invisalign will improve the bite. Placement of porcelain veneers allows us to improve the esthetics to restore a natural, youthful smile.



Worn and chipped teeth with discoloured fillings were restored to their original shape and colour.


Dental Bonding

Discoloured and failing dental fillings were replaced with dental bonding. The use of multiple shades of dental bonding was hand sculpted and painted in one appointment to improve the esthetics and health of her front teeth.



Fractured and broken teeth were restored to their full form and strength with porcelain crowns. We improved his dental bite while maximizing esthetic impact.


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