Before & After Photos

These photos show actual patients of Ambiance Dental, and work completed by Dr. Rose Nagra or Dr. Andrew Wasik.


To look and feel our absolute best, a straighter, whiter, brighter smile can make a huge difference. Our patient met her goal of straighter teeth with orthodontics. Porcelain crowns and veneers restored the natural beauty to these teeth while strengthening posterior teeth that had large fillings. The results were worth it for this patient, as she hasn’t stopped smiling since completing her work.


Dental Bridge

Multiple missing teeth were replaced with a porcelain dental bridge. The bridge restores the patients youthful appearance in a natural and vibrant way. Veneers were placed on lower teeth to close the spaces between teeth.



Veneers were placed to improve the alignment and colour of natural teeth restoring them to their full vibrancy. Braces were suggested to re-align the teeth in the best position to stabilize the bite. This was a critical step to ensure the veneers would last while she was chewing and biting. The patient also elected to strengthen posterior teeth with large fillings with dental crowns.



Chipping and discoloured teeth can age even the most youthful patient. Porcelain crowns can restore anterior and posterior teeth to strengthen and improve the esthetics of natural teeth.



Discoloured teeth damaged by trauma can be whitened by internal whitening, where a concentrated bleach whitens the tooth from the interior. The results are dramatic, and no tooth structure needed to be removed.


Crowns and Veneers

Discoloured fillings and crowns were improved with new porcelain crowns and veneers. The bite and function of the teeth was improved with orthodontics while porcelain was used to harmonize the esthetics to the face to create a youthful smile.



Replacement of discoloured filling material with esthetic bonding blended seamlessly with the patients natural teeth. The patient opted to whiten prior to his bonding so he could have a brighter, whiter smile.



Discoloured natural tooth structure was restored to their natural beauty with porcelain dental veneers and whitening of all natural teeth. Our patient met her goal of maximum esthetics with a long lasting porcelain.


Dental Bonding

Chipped and worn teeth were rebuilt with dental bonding to enhance their natural shape and vibrancy.


Dental Bonding

Our patient completed traditional orthodontics (metal braces) to reposition her jaw and teeth ahead of cosmetic restorations. It was determined that bonding on both the upper and lower anterior teeth was the least invasive option that would provide her with a beautiful smile. Treatment was completed over 7 years ago and has only required a minimal maintenance.


Dental Bonding

Our patient loves the natural spaces between her teeth. She wanted to create symmetry with the shape of her teeth. We were able to add dental bonding to improve the shape of her lateral incisors in one appointment with no removal of tooth structure.


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