What is Integration in Dentistry?

There has been a lot of progress in dentistry and medicine over the years, but the concern of fragmented care is becoming more apparent. Specialists are focusing on their areas of expertise and the “whole patient” is sometimes going unnoticed.

It’s also common to see dental care only concerned with addressing tooth problems and treating oral disease, rather than focusing on root causes, prevention and options in dealing with each individual situation.

We’re different!

At Ambiance Dental we like to get to know you very thoroughly, spending enough time to learn about your needs and desires, life circumstances, medical background and the state of your oral health. During your comprehensive and interactive 90 minute New Patient Comprehensive Evaluation we look at the health of your teeth, gums and bones, the alignment and function of your dental arches, TMJ and discuss any aesthetic concerns with you. With the full understanding of your strengths and areas of concern we are best equipped to decide together on the most appropriate direction for your future dental care.

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Co-operation with Specialists

The role of a general dentist is to provide most care themselves, but also to recognize their strengths and appreciate that there are situations in which you would benefit from the expertise of a specialist or other medical professional. In the case of referrals, the role of a general dentist is to advise, explain and navigate through the process in a way where the main focus remains on your overall well-being.

Our success is based on the company that we keep. We know all of our favoured specialists personally, have a great relationship with them all, open communication, agreement on philosophies, and are often their clients ourselves. Together this ensures “whole patient” treatment, not fragmented care.

Learn more about how your oral health and overall health are integrated here.

We have the privilege of cooperating with dental, healthcare and fitness specialists including:

  • Orthodontists - Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk, Dr. John Huynh

  • Periodontists – Dr. Thomas Yu, Dr. Steve Monzingo

  • Endodontists – Dr. John Bogle, Dr. Kim Fuhrman

  • Dental Radiologist – Dr. Anna Csillag

  • Chiropractors – Dr. Corey Fiske, Dr. Wendy and Kevin Ashby

  • Physiotherapist – Izabella Dzikowski

  • Personal Training and Fitness – Fitness Together, The Fitness Table

  • Massage Therapy – Triskele Wellness

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