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Dr. Rose Nagra

Dr. Rose Nagra

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I’m Dr. Rose Nagra, one of the dentists at Ambiance Dental.  Our team prides ourselves on being your partner in health. As your partner, we examine your health and work with you to make a lifetime plan focused on your mouth and how oral health helps your overall health.

We are thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant and rich community here in downtown Calgary. Our patients are involved in incredible ventures, from startups in technology, to opening the latest restaurant to designing pipelines. All of whom contribute to the fabric of our community. I am so proud of them and proud to be the nucleus of their wellness team.

One of our core values is Excellence in Dental Care. This value is evidenced by the feedback we have received from our patients. At your initial exam, I personally meet with you for over one hour to go on a tour of your mouth and discuss how your mouth connects to your overall health. The time we spend with our patients reflects another one of our core values: Our Patients Matter. By this we mean that we are focused on your overall health (and not just your oral health). On each step of this journey, you and I are partners. Together, you and I will take the time to understand what options are available for you based on the latest scientific research. We will discuss your mouth and its connection to your body so that you can understand how your sleep, diet, and vascular system can be positively affected by a strong oral health plan. We commit to sharing with you our knowledge. This is demonstrated by our core value to Pursue Growth and Learning.

Born and raised in Grande Prairie,  I attended dental school at Boston University (BU) where I graduated in the top 10% of our class. After BU, I was accepted to UCLA’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program. This opportunity educated me on how to reverse engineer and plan forward the best options for my patient’s dental health. Also, at UCLA, I was able to advance my passion for esthetics. I love to create, sculpt and paint and many of my patients have chosen our clinic because they have seen first hand our beautiful dental bonding case work. We are able to transform a smile with tooth colored fillings where we mix and paint different shades, hand sculpt and polish the filling into a beautiful tooth. For me, each smile is truly a work of art! Today, I continue to advance my dental training as a member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the Kois Comprehensive Dental Program.

Personally, I love being part of the entrepreneurial spirit of Calgary. My husband is CEO of SM2 Capital family office. We are the proud parents of Arman and Amaya. Prior to having children, we loved to travel to far off locations such as Trinidad & Tobago, Iran, Japan, and Turkey. Now, we go on walking tours of the eclectic neighborhoods in Calgary! Recently, I started to practice yoga and meditation. This practice has allowed me to gain a greater focus and clarity in all aspects of life. When not practicing, I love to attend my ACE class, where women support each other professionally and personally. In February 2020, I was proud to be a guest presenter to the Westin Women’s Training Center and share my experiences as a business owner.

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