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Dr. Goska Nowak

Dr. Goska Nowak joined the Ambiance Dental team in 2019. Dr. Nowak has worked in the past with Dr. Andrew Wasik and attends the Kois dental study club with Dr. Rose Nagra. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Nowak has treated thousands of patients over 22 years at Gulf Canada Square.

Dr. Goska Nowak implements treatment based on the latest scientific research. “I really want to help patients understand the existing condition of their oral health, and present them with the benefits of different treatment options, and when needed explain the implications of no treatment. My goal is to advocate for your health and empower you. Together we can devise a plan that is the best for you.”

For those looking to improve aesthetics, Dr. Nowak has a keen interest in facial aesthetics and the natural changes that occur with aging. Over years of practice, she has developed a thorough analysis to design smiles that are harmonious to the face.

Personally, Dr. Nowak loves nature and can be found in her RV exploring the Canadian wilderness with her favourite travel companion, her husband Micheal. An avid health and fitness enthusiast, she also makes meditation part of her daily routine.

Dr. Goska Nowak

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