Dental Bonding in Calgary

Dental bonding is a treatment where a durable tooth-coloured material is applied to your tooth surface and sculpted to create a new, natural looking tooth. It’s minimally invasive with results that are imperceptible to the naked eye and will help to restore or improve your smile.

Dental bonding is ideal for:

  • Repairing a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Closing spaces between your teeth
  • Making your teeth look longer
  • Perfecting the shape of your teeth
  • Protecting the root of an exposed tooth, caused by receding gums
  • Improving the appearance of discoloured teeth

We can perform this dental restoration at our Calgary office for a single tooth or to improve your entire smile.

applying dental bonding in calgary

How does dental bonding work?

This dental restoration process can be completed in just one appointment at our Calgary office without anaesthesia.

The tooth is repaired with a conditioning gel to help the dental bonding material adhere. Tooth-coloured bonding material (resin) is then applied to your teeth, sculpted to the desired shape and hardened with a high-intensity light.

Once in place, a bonded dental restoration is very strong. The final result is a beautiful and natural looking tooth!

case study on dental bonding

Our patient recently joined our team. She had accidentally broken her front tooth a few years ago.

A recent bonding attempt by a dentist left a discolored and chipped filling.

We removed all the initial filling, and you can appreciate how little tooth remains.

The bonding material is added in layers to allow for us the natural translucency of her teeth. This requires artistry to paint & sculpt the tooth.

The final result is a beautiful natural looking restoration that blends seamlessly in with her smile.

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