Dental Bonding Case Study

Dental bonding is an art form that requires training, skill and patience, as well as a passion for creating smiles that truly dazzle!

Dental bonding is a treatment where a durable tooth-coloured material is applied to the tooth surface and sculpted to create a new, natural looking tooth. It’s minimally invasive with results that are imperceptible to the naked eye and will help to restore a damaged smile.

The patient in this case study reached out to our team after she had accidentally broken her front tooth a few years ago. She wanted to restore the tooth to its original beauty to create an even smile again.

A recent bonding attempt by another dentist had left a discoloured and chipped filling. She wanted to have this repaired so the filling blended in perfectly with her other teeth. Her primary goal was to restore her smile to its previous beauty so she could feel confident smiling again!

We removed all the initial filling and worked through the dental bonding process to give her a beautiful natural looking restoration that blends seamlessly in her smile. 

Below we share more detail on the steps required to remove the previous filling and restore the tooth using dental bisning in a way that would look flawless in her smile.

  1. C15 – All the previous bonding was removed. This photo shows how little natural tooth remained.

2. C16 – We add the initial layer of bonding to create the matrix for the multiple shades and layers of bonding which are hand painted on.

3. C18 – Multiple layers of bonding have been painted on the tooth. It is time to start sculpting the tooth to create the ideal shape and contours.

  1. C23 – The tooth is complete! It looks natural and seamless. Our patient can smile with confidence!

Providing our patients with exceptional care and restorative dentistry is one of the primary passions that drives Dr. Rose Nagra, our resident cosmetic dentistry wizard. Dr. Nagra feels that restorations such as dental bonding are as much health and science based as they are an art form. She is passionate about creating a perfect smile for her patients that they have participated in designing and can be very proud of.

If you require a restoration, or repair of a previously completed dental procedure, call us to book a consultation with Dr. Nagra. Start the process towards the smile of your dreams today!
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