What is Digital Smile Design?

Just like test driving a car, or seeing what a new hair or paint colour would look like ahead of time, Digital Smile Design allows you to try on your new smile in photos and video before a single procedure has begun. That way you’ll know exactly what you are working towards before making any commitments.

What is Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

As the name hints, this is a process of crafting a beautiful new smile for you with the help of modern technology and dental practices.

We start by analyzing your facial and dental features – your teeth, gums, lips, cheeks and even your eyes. All of your facial features contribute to how your mouth and smile appear, whether you’re at rest, talking, smiling or belly laughing! Our analysis captures your full character, so we can consider all of your various facial expressions, ensuring your smile looks amazing in every situation.

With photographs, imagery and video that show your current appearance, we’re able to digitally design the improvements that will shape your new smile. This is a collaborative process, where you’re able to take part in deciding how you want your smile to look, with your dentist’s guidance, input and use of technology.

Our process lets you see a digital representation of how your new smile will take shape, before dental treatment even begins so you can see the difference in real life!

With the “digital blueprint” of your new smile, you can then test drive your new smile with a fabricated mock-up that fits over your existing teeth. You will literally be able to wear your new smile over top of your real teeth, before any work has been done.

To get an authentic feeling of how you’ll look after treatment, we’ll take more photos & videos so you can see your new smile side-by-side against your current appearance. This can be an incredible experience, and it all happens before any dental work occurs in your mouth.

Digital smile design is like seeing into the future! You’ll be able to visualize exactly how well your new smile suits your face, and decide on the treatment with an incredible amount of confidence in your decision.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

  • Peace of mind knowing exactly what the end result will look like
  • Save potential miscommunication or error
  • Accurate upfront cost and time estimates
  • Highly customized design
  • Design created to best complement your overall appearance
  • Save time and money by getting the results you want the first time
  • Greater control over the outcome of your treatment and procedures

When you begin the journey of transforming your smile, whether with a few veneers or a full mouth transformation, it can be a little nerve wracking. With Digital Smile Design, you can remove any worry or stress around the outcome of the procedures by knowing exactly what the end result will look like. The confidence of knowing where you will end up is priceless! To book a Digital Smile Design consultation, book online or give us a call today!